Happy Adoption Day!

Many adoptive families celebrate Adoption Day. Some may refer to this day as “gotcha” day or placement day. This important day is when an adopted child joins his or her family officially. Many adoptive families choose to celebrate this day uniquely. One family might sit down after a special dinner and reminisce over the day their family was created. Another family might look at pictures from that day and talk about what was needed to prepare for baby’s arrival. Just as all families are unique, so are ways to celebrate this special day.

Happy Adoption Day! Is a children’s book about this special day. There are some unique elements not seen as often in other children’s books about adoption. Primarily, the text is written as a song or poem. Sheet music is included towards the end of the book for those who are musically inclined. Maybe your child has a talent for music from their biological family? What a way to honor and celebrate this unique part of your child.

The illustrations are bold and colorful, perfect for a young audience. The illustration depicts a transracial adoption with an asian child with white parents. Transracial adoption is very common and seeing books normalize this is so important for children. After all, we all need to see ourselves in the world around us. Every page of this book is eye catching with each scene reflecting the sentiments and themes being discussed or “sung” about. It can also just be read aloud as a poem.

The message of this book is a common one: The journey of an adoptive parent to build a family can be long and emotional – but the message to your child is that they are worth the journey. Their part in your family was meant to be and permanent. However, this book does not delve into deeper topics associated with adoption which makes it a great choice for young children up to the age of 5 or so. Maybe reading or singing along to this book will become a part of your Adoption Day tradition for years to come!

lyrics by John McCutcheon and illustrations by Julie Paschkis.

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