Name: Adam & Eric


Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We understand that the choice you are about to make will most likely be one of the hardest in your life. What you are considering is the most generous of acts that anyone can possibly do for an adoptive couple like us. Our Story began 7 years ago following a Thanksgiving weekend date. We met initially online, but knew from the moment we saw each other, that we were meant to be. Time was split between Eric’s condo in the city and Adam’s family home on the peninsula. We honestly have never shared a night apart with one exception: a brief and pre-planned trip that Adam undertook with his aunt Mary. The two organized funds for an AIDS orphanage in Tanzania [they are known as Tanzi Angels for their work there.

Since the start we have been inseparable. Each day and every moment, our love for each other has grown stronger. The bonds of our family and friends heighten our commitment to each other. The only missing piece was that of a child to share our lives’ great journey together. We decided to embark on the process of adoption about 2.5 years ago, and solidified our commitment with the initiation of our home-study and information classes on adoption. Our families have been extremely supportive of our decision to adopt, and are eager to welcome a child into our home as an extension of our love and the many blessings that we share.

Adam & Eric

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