Name: Chris & Danielle – Waiting

Hi There,

Thank you for taking your time to look through this book, and to consider us as parents for your little one. We want you to know that the decision you are making to choose adoption is such a brave 8 selfless act, and we completely respect you for that and admire your courage.

We hope this book allows you to see the type of parents we will be. We hope it can help show the love we will give, the support we will show, and the unconditional love we can’t to wait to share with a child of our own. We promise to provide a safe home filled with love, laughter 8 adventure.

We want to help your child reach their full potential, and will support them and help inspire them to be the best the!J can be. We promise to believe in them, always encourage them, and make sure the!J know the!J are loved.

Please know that your child will be given so much love, guidance and encouragement not only from us, but from our families and friends. Our family and friends are excited to meet your child! Different Holiday traditions are very important to us, and our families can’t wait to share these with a new little one. Our families can’t wait to share Christmas Breakfast at Nana 8 Papa’s house, or Thanksgiving Dinner spent with tons of cousins in South Carolina!

As you read through this book, we hope that you find a smile on your face and see a future for your child with us. Thank you for taking the time to consider us in your decision. This dream of ours is only possible through the miracle of adoption. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this opportunity!

Chris & Danielle

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