Name: Jude & Kara – Placed

Hello and thanks for visiting our families link here at Gift of Life Adoptions! When you open our profile below you will see the note which we have written from our hearts to you. We pray most of all that you have peace and strength in all your steps in the days ahead.

We are seeking to embrace another little one into our family through adoption and also very much desire to connect with the mother (and if possible the father) who are bringing (or have already brought) this child into the world. We are eager to have a relationship with you on whatever level you feel most comfortable. That connection with us can certainly include reuniting and meeting again as this little one grows up. We feel a more open adoption can mean so much for both this child’s heart and yours, and ours too. We want to share how they grow and who they are with you. We do not live in Florida but we are in an eastern state and share the same time zone. Also, Kara’s parents do live in Florida and we visit regularly with them so in the future we can easily schedule time to meet together.

So who are we? We are a couple married for 22 years, a Papa and Mama with two little boys named Isaiah and Liam along with a golden labrador doggie named Daisy Cait. Eleven years ago we left the high paced city life on the west coast to plant our own business in a country setting with people we felt shared more of our values. We still work with people in those cities on both coasts, but have the blessing of living in a small town where we enjoy things like…fireflies, snowflakes, parades, farm shows, BBQs with friends, keeping our own plot of berries, vegetables, flowers and an orchard, bike rides, oodles of parks, snow geese once a year and knowing people when you go to town. We are grateful to live somewhere with hard working folks who still know how to slow down and we also enjoy a lively and diverse church family. Our interests include music, art, exploring creation, gardening, education, baking, pets and we really like celebrations with friends and balloons if possible. Our foundation as people is in our Christian faith and a strong commitment to love others as we’ve been loved. We all have been praying for the mother/family we will link arms with through adoption for a long time and as our son, Liam said recently he “already knows how beautiful you are.”

Sincerely,  Jude & Kara

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