Name: Palak and Sugong – Waiting

Dear Birth Parents,

A child is the most precious gift to humanity, and it takes a village with endless, unconditional love, attentiveness, patience, empowerment, creativity, humor, and unwavering support to prepare him or her to take on the world and to better humanity itself. We believe we have that village, and we have the highest aspirations for the little one. Although we are both healthcare professionals, we want your Child to dream their own dreams. We will teach them everything we know so that they, too, can succeed and go on to reach for the stars!

Life is beautiful, grand, and elegant, but at times it can be ugly, depressing and fragile. We deal with this in the folks we treat and sometimes in ourselves. So we will be sure to teach the little one to take pleasure in the simple things in life, and to live in harmony with their inner self, their neighbors, and the universe around them.

Above all, your Child will always know that your love for them is eternal, and that it is the most selfless kind of love that will be a constant source of inspiration for all of us.

Palak and Sugong

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