Name: Russel & Amanda – Matched

Hello,  Thank you for your loving, brave and selfless decision to consider adoption.  We are humbled by your incredible strength, courage and deep love for your child, and we are absolutely honored that you would consider us in the process.  We can’t possibly imagine what this journey is like for you, but please know that our hearts are with you and that you are in our prayers.  If you choose us, we promise that your child will always know the beautiful example of selfless love that you are.  We will make sure your child will be raised in a family with unconditional love and support; where your sacrificial decision will be respected; where your child will always know how much you love and care for them.  The magnitude of the privilege to provide and care for your child is not lost on us.  Thank you, with our sincere gratitude, for taking the time to look at our booklet.  Sincerely,  Aric and Dawn

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