Name: Ryan & Mandy – Placed

Dear Expectant Parent,

First, we are so touched by your courage and the love you have for your baby. We are so honored to be considered as the adoptive family for your child. We pray that our profile will give you a glimpse into our family, marriage, home, and church. We will be praying for you, your baby, and the decisions you make.

About 3 years ago, we felt God was calling us to pray about adopting. As far as we know, we are able to have more biological children, but we feel that God is calling us to adopt a child into our family. We are excited to see how God works. We love our boys and are so excited to add another child to our family. We have been blessed with wonderful families and a wonderful church and community, and we want to share this with your child. We will love your child and treat him or her just as we do our boys -Caleb and Spencer.

Faith, family, and education are very important to us. We commit to raising your child in a loving, Christian home. Quality time as a family is very important to us as you will see throughout our profile. We are thankful that Mandy is able to stay at home with the kids part-time, and she is excited for the opportunity to be at home with the new baby for bonding. Caleb and Spencer will be wonderful big brothers to your child and will love having another sibling to play with.

Please know that we have so much love waiting for your child. Please also know that we will share with him or her how much love you have for him or her and how much courage it took for you to make this choice. We will be praying for you as you make this decision.

With much love and prayers,
Ryan and Mandy

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