Name: Sam & Kate – Placed

Thank you for your selfless and brave decision during what must be a difficult time. If you choose us to share in the life of your child we will make sure your child knows the love you have for them and how much we respect you. Wishing you peace and strength.

Your baby will grow up with a love of animals. We have been around animals our entire lives. Kate has never been without a cat or dog since she was 4 years old. Sam has had almost every pet you could think of, including a sugar glider. He worked at a pet store in high school and learned how to feed and care for baby parrots. We current-ly have an Australian Shepard and 6 chick-ens who provide us with fresh eggs every day.

Kate is a neonatal nurse and takes care of newborn babies at the local Children’s hospital. She has a very flexible schedule and will be able to spend lots of time at home with your child. Sam is a software and web developer. He loves the family-first atmosphere of the small company that he works for, and the fact that he can sometimes bring Kenai to work! His schedule is very flexible and he works from home on occasion.

We love being outside whenever possi-ble. Our favorite “room” of our house is our deck. We often watch the sunset while telling each other about our day. Sam enjoys reading Vince Flynn novels in his Adirondack chair, and Kate often talks to her mom on the phone from her hammock chair.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our lives and considering us to raise your child. This child would be the greatest gift we could imagine. Your child will grow up knowing the brave decision you made and how much we respect you. We look forward to sharing updates with you throughout the years with a level of openness that you’re comfortable with. We are already praying for you!

Sam & Kate

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