Name: Scott & Mary

Hello, We are Scott and Mary. We understand that you are making the most difficult decision in your life. We greatly admire you for considering what is best for your child, even though it may be extremely difficult for you. If you choose us to parent your child, we would nurture your child as our own. We’ve had the opportunity to love and care for children as foster parents; we’ve given them oodles of love and care while we’ve nurtured them in our loving home. Though we have been thrilled to care for children who come and go, we have a desire to nurture and guide a child as a mom and dad. In our home, adoption will be viewed as normal and celebrated! Various children around us are adopted and your child would grow up seeing it as something very precious and special. We would always speak of you with gratitude and respect as we share about your loving choice with your child throughout his or her lifetime. Love, Scott and Mary

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