Name: Sean & Beth – Waiting

Dear Expectant Parents,

It is our greatest wish to expand our family through adoption. We admire you for the courage and love it takes to make an adoption plan for your child. We hope your mind can be at ease knowing the love and support we are ready to offer.

We both work in education and love being parents to our 9-year-old son, Alex. We live in a friendly, tree-lined, suburban community and enjoy participating in community events centered around seasons and holidays.
As a family, we love to go on adventures together, travel, play games, listen to music, go to the movies and read at the library. We are self-proclaimed chocoholics and we love to have our own chocolate taste tests and go out for ice cream in the summer.

As parents, our philosophy is to fill children’s lives with unconditional love. We will always support and encourage children’s endeavors and be their number one cheerleaders. They will always know where to find a hug (or two, or three), shoulders to lean on, and listening ears. We are so proud of every milestone and accomplishment Alex has made. Now he is looking forward to being his new sib-ling’s top cheerleader along with us! He has hoped for a sibling for as many years as we have hoped for another child. We have so much love and joy in our hearts to share with another child.

Sean & Beth

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