Name: Todd & Tracy

Hello! Our names are Tracy & Todd. Thank you for checking out this glimpse of our profile. We hope to show you a bit about our lives and about the life we we would provide for your child, if given the chance. We want you to know that we are ready to provide a loving, secure and happy home for your child, and are very eager to do so. If you choose us, your child will get a stable home that values education, kindness and opportunities.

We have a daughter, Neva, and together we are a happy, caring family. We married in 2009, and decided to look into adoption soon after. Neva joined our family as a newborn in 2013. She has brought us so much love and laughter! She is SO excited to become a big sister and we can not wait to see her in this role!

We hope you will get a sense of the loving, fun and exciting life a second child would have with us. We know that you will make the best choice for you and your child. We hope you have an easy, peaceful pregnancy.

Todd & Tracy.

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