Gift of Life has seen hundreds of adoptive family profiles in our almost 20 years of being open.  We have seen them change from homemade scrapbooks, to word documents and powerpoint displays, and now they are mostly beautiful glossy books from many of the photography websites and software that is now available.

I recently asked our Adoptive Parent Coordinator to give some tips on what makes a good and “appealing” profile.

Here’s our advice:

1. The cover photo is very important!

This is the first thing birth parents will see when given your profile book and the first impression they will have of you.  Make sure your cover photo is strong, clear, and represents you well.  If you have children, be sure to have them in the cover photo too!

2. Be yourselves!

This may sound cliche’.  However, families would be very surprised to hear some of the reasoning behind selection: favorite sports team, a fun vacation, pets, etc.  Birth parents always select a family they feel a connection to.

3. Give a glimpse into the child’s future life.

Your profile is meant to clearly communicate what life is like for you, and what life will be like for the child you adopt.  Be sure to include photos of close family and friends, who will be in the child’s life as well.  Always state who is in the photos with a small caption underneath.

4. Make sure it is clear and easy to read.

Make sure all of your photos are clear and go along with the text or section you are writing. Also, pay attention to font color and background color.  Try to make the text and the background have high contrast so it is easy to read.  Easy readability wins out over cuteness in the long run.

5. You should include a photo of the outside of your home, as well as some photos of the inside.

With this section, you can always incorporate yourselves doing something you enjoy together.  For example, if you enjoy baking, have a photo of you making your favorite brownies in your kitchen. If you enjoy gardening, have a photo you working in your backyard.

6. Never be afraid to ask for help.

Your social worker will most likely have sample profile books to show you, and is always available to offer guidance when creating your profile.

And lastly, it’s not really a tip just something to keep in mind. Always keep a copy for yourselves!  Your profile book will be wonderful to show your child one day, to explain how and why you were chosen to adopt him/her.

If you would like more help or tips feel free to call our adoptive workers!

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