Hospitals offer a variety of classes to prepare you for the birth of your baby. If you live in Orlando, you can participate in birthing classes offered at the Winnie Palmer Hospital.

Although there are many classes, it might be hard to tell which ones would be a good fit, or a comfortable situation, for an adoption minded birth mothers.  Below is a review of the classes that would be most beneficial:

Preparation for Birth

This is one of the best classes for Birth Mothers.  Labor can seem like an overwhelming and scary process.  It always helps to have a little more information and a strategy.  This two and half hour class is a great place to get both of those things.  It covers topics like “labor and birth process, labor options, pain relief, Cesarean birth and postpartum.” as well as some Lamaze techniques.  It’s a great class to go to with whoever will be your partner at your delivery.

Preparing for a Healthy Baby

This class can help Birth Mothers know a little more about what to expect during pregnancy, and how to handle all the changes that will come. This two hour class covers “pregnancy as a wellness, protecting your unborn child and coping with the physical discomforts of early pregnancy.”

Baby Inside You

This class may be helpful for some birth mother’s in their second trimester.  Although this two hour class covers useful information like relaxation techniques and how to recognize preterm labor, it does cover some infant care. So this may not be the best class for you, unless you feels like the information that is covered is really important to your pregnancy.

With all of these birthing classes, it’s good to go with a friend.  These classes provide lots of helpful information, but it can be overwhelming at times.  It’s a great idea to have someone there with you that will help you talk out any concerns you may have.

Now birthing classes will make the pregnancy feel very real.  This may cause you to work through some of the emotions and grief that you might have about your adoption plan.  If you are planning on going to a class it is always good to tell your caseworker or adoption counselor.  This way they can follow up with you after the class to see if there is anything you would like to talk through, or if they can reassure you about any of the concerns you might have.

It is also good to remember although you will most likely not attend any of the parenting classes that are offered, your adoptive parents probably will.

A good way to think about it might be, you are preparing to care for your baby before delivery and they are excited to care for your baby afterwards.  That is a child born into a lot of love.

If you are interested in birthing classes feel free to see what is offered at your local hospitals and also talk to your adoption case worker so they can support you in any way they can.

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