In an adoption, the time at the hospital is a unique and special time.

When a birth mom goes to the hospital to deliver her baby, there are a lot of things going on.   She is in a lot of physical pain and can be in a great deal of emotional turmoil.  Sometimes it is rushed and sudden, other times it can go according to a pain staking plan.

The birth mom has a lot of say about what happens during her time at the hospital.   In this next series of blogs we will cover some of the questions we are often asked and  a few helpful tips.

What is my adoption process like at the hospital?

I should start by saying, that you decide what happens in the few days you are at the Hospital.  The time there is yours, and you decide who you want to see, how much time you spend with whom, and how you want to say goodbye.

The typical course of time at the hospital is 1-3 days.  There is the delivery, the recovery time, and, after 48 hrs or medical discharge, the signing of the official documents that place your baby for adoption.  After that you decide how you want to say goodbye to the baby and/or the adoptive family, and then you go home.  The baby is discharged later and goes home with the adoptive couple.

Now there are always outstanding variables that might change the process but for the most part that is the basic outline.

During your hospital stay, the time with the baby is unique and delicate issue.  We’ll cover this special time in our next blog.

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