The decision to place your toddler for adoption is a choice that only you can make. However, Gift of Life is here to help answer any questions you may have.

Below is a list of  common questions we’re often asked about placing a toddler for adoption.  You are always more than welcome to contact us 24/7 to gather as much information as you need to feel comfortable with your decision.

Can I receive counseling to help me process my decision to place my toddler for adoption?

Yes, Gift of Life Adoption is able to provide counseling to you before, during, and after you place your toddler for adoption. This tool is a great help in your decision making process. This service is offered free of charge to you, and can be utilized as often as needed.

Can I meet the adoptive family I have chosen for my child?

Absolutely! You can decide whether or not you would like to meet the family. Many times, Gift of Life Adoptions facilitates a lunch or dinner. This is a great opportunity for everyone to sit down and really get to know each other. These meetings typically last about 2 hours and are held at a location where you feel the most comfortable.

Will someone from Gift of Life be with me when I meet the adoptive family?

Yes, your assigned case manager will be with you during your meetings with the adoptive family. Your case manager will help guide the conversation between all parties and is there to provide support for you. Of course, you are always welcome to bring a family member or friend. This is a very special time for you, and to have a little extra support is always great!

Can I still see my child after the adoption?

You can decide what would work best for you in regards to seeing your child after an adoption. All of our families provide picture and letter updates of the child up until the child’s 18th birthday. If you are looking for a more open adoption plan, including visits, you can discuss this option with your case manager. Gift of Life will always work to find a family that will meet your needs.

Does it cost me anything to place my toddler for adoption?

No, the birth family has no financial burden concerning the adoption plan.

Does the father need to be involved in my adoption plan?

The father of your child does not necessarily need to be involved in your adoption plan, however, you will need to provide Gift of Life with as much information about the birth father as you can. This is to ensure that your adoption plan is valid, and the child can be legally placed with the adoptive family. Feel free to call our office to speak to one of experienced staff members about the birth father’s involvement in your adoption plan.

How long does an adoption plan take to complete?

Your adoption plan can go as slowly or as quickly as you would like it to. Gift of Life Adoption is here to help you through the process at your pace.

When will my toddler be placed with the adoptive family?

Your toddler will be placed with the adoptive family after the Consent for Adoption is signed. During your adoption plan, Gift of Life develops a transition plan for your child.  The transition plan allows your child to meet the adoptive family to ensure that they feel comfortable and ready to go live in their new forever home.

Transition plans typically start with showing your toddler the adoptive family’s profile book or photo album. Then next step is a meeting with the adoptive family that will likely take place in a child friendly environment like a playground or a park.

Every transition plan is different and tailored to you and your toddlers specific needs.  It’s always best for your toddler to see encouragement from you. An adoption plan is a life-altering event, so we always encourage all parties to be a supportive member of the transition, letting the child know that everything is alright.

Can I send my child’s clothing with them when they go to live with the new family?

Absolutely. We encourage our birth families to providing some sort of comforting item for their toddler to take with them to their new home. This can be a blanket, a special shirt, or even a particular teddy bear. Whatever you feel your child would want or need in their new home, you are welcome to send with them. Our goal is to make the change of homes go as smoothly as possible for the child, and providing them with a familiar item is a great start.

How will the adoptive family know what my child likes or dislikes?

When you meet with your case manager they will ask you a number of things about your toddler. This is to help the adoptive family learn about your child’s routine, likes, and dislikes. Your case manager will ask questions about: bedtime routine, food preferences, potty training, particular fears, and even their favorite book or tv show.

These details will help your child during the transition, as well as aid the adoptive family in preparing for their homecoming.

We hope this helps answer some of the questions you have about toddler adoption. Of course, Gift of Life Adoptions understands that this may not cover all of your concerns, and our staff is always happy to talk with you.   We want you to feel like you have all the information you need to make an educated decision. Do not hesitate to call us 24/7 at 727-549-1416.

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