This year three of our staff from Gift of Life had the pleasure of attending the annual Florida Adoption Council conference in beautiful, sunny Orlando. It was a great 2-day event that included distinguished speakers covering topics specific to our field.  It served as a perfect opportunity to reengage with adoption professionals that we’ve come to know and respect, as well as a chance to meet new faces in the adoption community


We were also able to have a little extra fun seeing as the conference overlapped with Halloween this year.

The topics focused on included: adoption case law updates, advertising for birth mothers, financing your adoption, a view from the bench, and how to improve your communication style with clients.

But the true highlight of the conference was the opportunity to sit in and listen to four wonderful birth mothers who all made the selfless decision to choose adoption for their children. The whole room was in tears listening to these brave women tell their stories! Each woman had a different perspective on adoption with a variety of circumstances that led her to her decision.

We were also able to ask them questions about their experience, and what we as adoption professionals could be doing differently for them during their pregnancy, delivery, placement and post-placement. It gave us great insight and some new ideas on how to improve our services for birth parents during such an impactful decision in their life.

If you as a birth parent ever have any ideas or suggestions, or just want to give us feedback from your adoption experience, please consider sending us your story and/or ideas via email to our Director, Meghan Biss at , we would love to hear from you!

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