ICPC Florida Survival Guide

Congratulations! You have left the hospital or agency with your new, sweet baby. You may be feeling a lot of emotions right now. Excited. Happy. In love. Exhausted…. Maybe even home sick. If you live out of state and you are traveling to Florida to adopt, you need to be ready for a stay in Florida for 15-30 business days after taking placement. If you came prior to your birth mother’s delivery, this can add up to quite some time in our sunny state. It’s important to know the facts about ICPC so you can appropriately plan and follow the law. Remember it’s just as important to plan for your family to enjoy this time bonding with your new family member.

The Facts

ICPC stands for Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children. Even though this means a wait for you, ICPC is a good thing! ICPC establishes guidelines and regulations regarding children traveling from state to state for placements. ICPC keeps babies and kids safe.

You do not need to do anything to get the ICPC process started. We take care of all the paperwork needed by ICPC. You may receive a call from us if ICPC requests anything additional but generally, you can sit back and relax…. Whatever “relaxing” looks like with a newborn for you.

You do not need to stay in the city where you took placement. Some families choose to drive to the border of Florida. You do not need to sign anything when we receive approval for you to go home. You will get a call from us.

ICPC offices do NOT want you to call them. Please keep your communications with us! They are busy reviewing cases so families can go home.

Most likely, you will need to have your baby seen for a follow up pediatrician appointment while you are in Florida. You may wait and see who is suggested by the hospital or you can research before hand who you’d like to see your baby. Check with your insurance about coverage in Florida.

Only one parent needs to be in Florida with baby. Consider asking a new grandparent, aunt or uncle to switch off for support in Florida.

The Fun

When you’re choosing a hotel or rental, don’t forget the fun and comfort factor. You will be here a while. Most adoptive parents tell us they are happy the opted for the larger room with a full kitchen when available. Many adoptive parents choose to rent a home during this time to have the comfort of home. A pool might be a nice bonus, too!

Consider checking out the beach! No matter where you take placement, the beach is rarely very far away. While the beach in the middle of the day might not be a fun experience with a newborn, consider grabbing dinner and watching the sunset.

Explore the city. Florida has a lot of character. Drive around and check it out! Plus, you baby might nap better in the car. Everyone is happy when baby is happy.

Enjoy the quiet time. When you get home, you’re all going to feel like celebrities. You are sure to have your family and friends eager to see your new baby and shower the family with love. As amazing as that experience will be for everyone, soak up the alone time with your sweet babe. You’ve gone on an amazing journey to get to this point. Soak up every second.

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