November Is National Adoption Month: 4 Ways to Celebrate

For many of us in the adoption world, it can be easy to forget how beautiful adoption really is. The month of November is a time where we can focus on those in our life who are adopted, have adopted, or are in the process to adopt. It is also a great time where we can answer questions and draw attention to the world of adoption as a whole. Check out these 4 ways to celebrate adoption this month:

Spread Awareness by Sharing Your Story

Many of us may never know how prominent adoption is in our daily life. The co-worker who sits next to you may be adopted as well as that sweet grandma who lives down the street. Adoption is everywhere if we look hard enough. Even if you haven’t adopted quite yet, you can still share your story with others about your hope of adopting. Share awareness with a special social media post or strike up a conversation with someone new about adoption.

Re-Tell Your Child’s Adoption Story

If you have adopted, use this time of the year to recount how that child came into your life. Much like a birth story, an adoption story is something that children usually want to hear and know about. Take cues from your child when telling the story as they age so that you can add in more details that they can handle. Always be willing to answer any questions that they have about their adoption and answer them honestly in the best way that you can. Some questions are harder than others, so be prepared to hold back information from them if you think it will do more harm than good at the moment.

Add Adoption Books to Your Library

There are some great resources available to any family that has an adopted child. Children love to read books, and many have been recently printed to help ease the transition of adoption. November is an excellent time of the year to add these books to your library or pick up a few for another adoption family that you know. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Invisible String, by Patrice Karst

A story about how we are all connected through love with an invisible string, no matter the distance or location of others.

A Mother for Choco, by Keiko Kasza

A beautiful story full of comforting pictures as a baby bird tries to find his mother in this big world.

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born, by Jamie Lee Curtis

Celebrate the gift of adoption through this story of love when an adopted child comes home.

We Belong Together, by Todd Park

A simple book that features basic drawings that are both kid-friendly and whimsical that focuses on the positive aspects of adoption.

Give to Adoption Fundraisers

Just as it is expensive to bring home a baby from the hospital, the same is true when growing your family through adoption. November is a great time to help those families around you who are in the process of adoption. Consider supporting their fundraising efforts by donating your time or making a donation to the cause. Even just a few dollars can help offset the costs of the adoption process. Rally some friends together or pass a cup at work to help raise support for the hopeful adoptive families in your life.

Adoption is always worth celebrating! November is a wonderful time of year to reflect on what we have in our lives to be thankful for. Consider celebrating National Adoption month with these fun ideas to spread awareness and love to everyone who has been impacted by adoption.

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