Why Is Adoption So Expensive?

When deciding to grow your family through adoption, one of the first questions that may come to mind is the cost of adoption. You’ve probably heard story about story regarding how expensive adoption is with looming costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. While adoption can seem costly, it can be hard to look past the fees to see what they really stand for. Learn more below about why adoption is so expensive.

Quality of Care

When adopting an infant in Florida, many adoptive parents and agencies help birth mothers with their medical and living expenses. By paying for this, you can help your child get the best care possible. If you were physically pregnant, you would also incur the same medical expenses needed throughout the pregnancy. Choosing to help your birthmother receive high-quality care, nutritious food, and warm shelter during pregnancy, all have lasting effects on your baby’s health.

Small Fees Over a Long Period of Time

One of the best things about the expense of adoption is that there is rarely a time when you have to have all of the money at the same time. The adoption process is long and can take many months to even a few years to complete. While adoptive families may report that they spent $20,000 to adopt a child, the truth is that there were many smaller fees involved.

Overall, adoptive parents spend a lot of money, but it was often spread out over a long time, making it easier to pay for. Adoptions require many different agencies, legal help, and medical care to get your child into your arms. There isn’t an overarching group that requires a big check, but rather a bunch of smaller groups and agencies that will help bring your child home.

Plenty of Help Available

Although adoption fees can add up to a large sum of money, you may be surprised at how willing to help others are along the way. Many adoptive families choose to fundraise for their adoption. Family, friends, and even perfect strangers are happy to contribute to the cause when they support you as a parent. There are also adoption grants available for those families who are eligible. After the adoption, many families apply for the adoption tax credit that can help ease the burden of the adoption costs even a few years after the adoption.

When your adoption journey is all said and done, you very well could have spent tens of thousands of dollars overall. However, there is a lot of help available to those willing to work and ask others for assistance. Working with a verified and licensed agency may cost more than others, but it is also a solid choice for growing your family. No amount of money equals the love that an adopted child can add to the family. While adoptions may be expensive, they are well worth the effort once you bring your child home forever.