While the physical act of adoption is about giving your baby to a loving parent, who will be
better able to take care of him, the emotional part is all about making connections. Sometimes,
the adoptive family and the birth mother never meet unless it is an open adoption.

Some people prefer this setting because they don’t want the baby to grow up confused. The
birth mother
may stipulate in the contract that she wants to be involved in the child’s life. In this
case, you should set clear boundaries to ensure there are no problems in the future.

Hence you should look into local adoption agencies in Florida, Kansas, Arizona, or Texas. Hire
someone who has worked in your community, helping other parents adopt, and has strong
connections. They can find loving parents easily who will take care of their child as you would.
Here are some reasons for working with someone close to home:

A Personal Touch

The adoption process is overwhelming. Emotions are running high, which can make it a little
difficult for you to make a decision. Having someone who knows the ins and outs of adoption
can help you navigate the challenges. It can give you the peace of mind that everything will be
taken care of.

The process starts with a simple contact. The local counselor will guide you through the process
and assign an agent to look after your wishes. From the moment you hire the counselor to
when the baby is finally placed in the arms of the adoptive parents, you will receive help every
step of the way.

Since this is such a delicate process, support is available 24/7. Adoption counselors offer
therapy that teaches birth mothers how to make peace with their decision and move on in their

Hiring a Local Adoption Agency

Regional or local adoption agencies offer the same services as private and national adoption
agencies. These agencies are involved in the adoption process from start to finish and offer the
following services:

● Matching and screening
● Post-placement correspondence
● Support and counseling
● Adoption plan development
● Coordinating with an adoption attorney for legal services

If you have already chosen a family and begun the adoption process, you can still hire an
adoption agency for legalities. Even if you have screened the adoptive family, it’s important to
do a deep background check, which you cannot do on your own. A lawyer can dig up the
information to provide a complete picture so you know how reliable the connection will be.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Adoption Agency

A quick search online for “adoption agencies near me” will present you with plenty of options,
one of which is Gift of Life Adoptions in Florida. Here are some benefits an adoption agency

A Supportive Community

Since the adoptive parents and birth mother reside in the same area, they can meet easily. The
latter can schedule multiple meetings to ease her mind about the parents. Some adoption
agencies host gatherings to help mothers and parents forge connections. The stronger the ties
between the families, the smoother the adoption process will go.

Birth mothers can leverage the support system provided by the adoption agency. A licensed
therapist can help them cope with their feelings if they cannot make sense of their decision.
It’s important to decide with a clear mind whether you want to pursue a private adoption,
where the details of the adoptive parents will remain hidden, or an open adoption, to maintain
a relationship with them. Most people opt for open adoption as it allows the birth mother to
participate in their child’s life, even after he is adopted.

Certified by the State Government

The state government annually reviews local adoption agencies in Florida, and the agency
complies with the state’s adoption laws. Since local agencies have experience assisting with
adoptions successfully in the area, they are experts in the process.

You Can Meet With the Adoptive Parents

Birth mothers are often concerned about the environment adoptive parents are living in. For
example, a person in an abusive relationship and living with an alcoholic spouse might be
looking to adopt to find meaning in their life. While the intentions are good, the couple’s
domestic situation will only harm the child. If social services get involved in the process, the
child will end up in a foster home instead of being returned to the birth mother.

Hands-On Approach

A local adoption agency believes the birth mother has the most rights in the adoption process.
If the birth mother decides she wants more time with the baby, she can change the contract
and inform the adoptive parents.

Until the birth mother is discharged from the hospital, she has the right to add to the contract.
For example, initially, you decided to give your baby to the adoptive parents right after the
delivery. However, once you held your baby, you wanted a couple of hours with him. Your
counselor will notify the adoptive parents about your wish, and you will have more time in the
hospital room with him.

Personalized Service

A local adoption agency employs a small staff of trusted professionals who derive happiness
from placing a baby in a loving home rather than making money from adoption. They aim to
satisfy the birth mother that their baby is in good hands and the adoptive parents that they
have adopted a healthy and happy baby.


The job of a local adoption counselor is to ensure the families involved in the process that
everything is on the up and up. Their personal approach brings families together by forging
lasting connections. They help the birth mother understand the value of their decision and how
they can make a family happy by giving the gift of a child.
Let Gift of Life Adoptions help you find a loving adoptive family or a birth mother. For more
information, call 1-800-216-LIFE.