When you can’t take care of your baby and have decided to place it up for adoption after birth, you can select the adoptive family and meet them if you want. But what about after giving birth? Do you still have the chance to select the adoptive family and meet them at the hospital after the baby is born, or will the agency do it? These are the most frequent concerns birth mothers have when they decide to make an adoption plan for their baby at the hospital.

Let’s find out!

Can I Select the Adoptive Family After My Baby is Born?

Birth parents deciding to place their child up for adoption at the hospital or after giving birth can also select the adoptive family. They can choose the kind of adoption they want, the adoptive family for their baby, how much they want to stay in contact with their baby and the adoptive family, and more.

Thus, deciding for adoption after giving birth or at the hospital does not withhold your right to select the adoptive family.

How Can I Place My Baby Up For Adoption After Birth?

You can make an adoption plan at the last minute when you’re in labor. The adoption option is always available, and you can decide on this selfless act whenever you can.

While in labor, you might feel that you can’t care for the baby for any reason. You must contact a trusted adoption agency and leave the rest to them. They will help you find the family of your choice, as they have many hopeful couples waiting to adopt a baby.

The assigned caseworker by the agency who will assist you throughout the adoption process will show you several links to the families’ profiles which you can view to select the one that you find most suitable for your baby. Plus, the adoptive family can also come to the hospital to meet you if you wish.

If you’ve given birth and are at the hospital with your baby or even come back home, you can still plan adoption for your baby. Even if your baby is a few weeks older, you still have the adoption option. Many adoptive families are willing for immediate placement and adoption of older babies and are in contact with the adoption agencies in hope.

Even if you had your baby, your caseworker would inform you about the waiting families. You can take as much time as possible until you’re satisfied and find the best adoptive family for your baby. You can ask to meet them in person for a smoother process.

How Can I Choose the Adoptive Parents for My Baby?

Post-Adoption Communication

One of the most critical concerns for birth parents is post-adoption communication with their child and the adoptive family. Whatever adoption option you choose, open, semi-open, or closed, you need to decide on post-adoption communication while choosing the adoptive family.

  • Open adoption allows the birth parents to meet with their child frequently
  • In a semi-open adoption, birth parents can still choose to meet or have phone calls with the adoptive family during pregnancy or at delivery with assistance from their caseworker and receive periodic pictures and updates until the child turns 18 years of age.
  • In a closed adoption, birth parents cannot meet or communicate with their baby or the adoptive family.

Partnership Style

You can select the family based on the partnership style you want. Since society has changed a lot, you may prefer more familial roots or a progressive lifestyle for your baby.

Race, Ethnicity, and Religion

For some birth parents, ethnicity, race, and religion are also matters of concern. They have all the right to choose the adoptive parents for their baby as per their wishes.

Relationship History

Many birth parents also look for the relationship history of the adoptive parents. Some couples want to adopt a child because they can’t have children even after multiple attempts and fertility treatments. Some want to adopt because, from the very beginning of their relationship, they decide that adoption is the right choice for them. Others may have opted for this option just for a child’s well-being. Some birth parents see the relationship history as important, while others do not.

Likewise, there are many other factors that birth parents may be interested in, including the siblings your child will have, the health status of the adoptive parents, their lifestyle, etc. You can even raise your concerns about the type of schooling your child will have.

Whatever the case, the birth mother has the right to discuss her concerns, look for these details, and then select the adoptive family.


Placing your baby up for adoption is already a difficult decision. You do not have to hurry or are forced while you select the right family.

Finding an adoptive family through an adoption agency is much smoother and safer than searching independently. Your agency will also recommend you take time to find the right fit. They will show you several profiles of potential adoptive families. You can evaluate the profiles based on the above factors or any other concerns you have and pick the one you find the most suitable for you and your baby.

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