Gift of Life Adoptions has traveled all over the state of Florida in our almost twenty years of adoption work.  We have had the opportunity to see some real community gems and local charms of this great state.  Whether it’s a collection of lovely local art or an interesting little shop, our travels open our eyes to more of Florida every day.

So we decided to share a little of that with you in a segment we like to call, “Caseworkers About Town!”

Here are some of the little gems Roxanne found in Citrus County.

“As I was heading to Citrus Memorial Hospital, located in Inverness, just south of Hernando, a beautiful display of stained glass caught my eye.  There is a unique shop that has classes to make stained glass items. They have classes, gifts, and they repair stained glass works of art. As I drove by, I saw many beautiful pieces of art out on the lawn. It made the drive a colorful and enjoyable trip.

Just before I got to the hospital, I noticed a consignment shop on US 41 named Baby Bargains that has a variety of baby items, including clothes and furniture for your nursery.  It seemed like a great place to find affordable things that a little one would need.

I finally reached Citrus Memorial Hospital. Citrus Memorial has always been very accommodating and gracious with our birth parents and our adoptive families during the adoption process. The nursing staff in the OB unit is one of our favorite groups of nurses in the area.”

Gift of Life Adoptions is always trying to get where we are going and get the job done, but it’s nice to find some interesting spots along the way!

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