How To Put an Older Child Up For Adoption

There are times in parenting when you realize that things are not working out quite as they should. While adoption is a serious undertaking that should be carefully considered, it is sometimes the only answer for a hurting child and parent. There are many reasons why a parent may decide to put an older child up for adoption. In any case, it is crucial to communicate your situation with trusted people in your family and community for help. Learn more about how to put an older child up for adoption.

Consider All Options

When considering giving an older child up for adoption, it is essential to consider all of the available options that you have at your disposal. If you are not living with the other birth parent, the first thing to do is to contact them. The other birth parent has the right to parent the child and must be involved in the adoption process, even if they do not want to parent. 

Many times family members or close friends can take in and raise a child if needed. It is common for extended family members or friends of the family to show interest in adopting the child. If someone you know wants to raise the child, it is important to continue the adoption process legally so that everything is done correctly.

Communicate With the Child

In the adoption world, older children are usually defined as any child over two years old. However, this leaves a considerable gap when discussing children who may be in their teenage years. Whatever your child’s age, it is imperative that they get as much information about what is happening that is appropriate for their age. Although it is hard to tell your child about your plans for adoption, it is best to communicate with them throughout the process. 

It is vital to tell the child that what is happening is not their fault. No matter what age they are, tell the child repeatedly that your choice not to parent is not because of them. Look at the situation from your child’s perspective and do your very best to help them understand the situation.

Ask for Help

While every adoption situation is unique, it is important to ask for help from resources within your community. Sometimes this would be a close family member or friend. Other times it could be a family counselor or social worker. Asking for help with the situation is vital to keep everyone safe and to use all of the tools and resources available.

Understand the Legal Issues

Parenting and caring for a child is a legal issue in our country. If your name is stated on the birth certificate, you are legally the child’s parent or guardian until a judge decides otherwise. Adoption is a legal process that you will need to be a part of to make the transition as smooth as possible. Social workers, lawyers, and adoption agencies could all be involved in adopting an older child. You must be part of the adoption process and sign any legal documents required to make the adoption legal.

Choosing to put an older child up for adoption is a serious decision. It is one that will affect both the child’s life as well as your own. Reaching out for help with parenting is important. When you know that you can no longer parent, or are unwilling to parent, it is important to ensure that you do all that you can to help your child have a better future

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