I’m 18 and Pregnant. What Can I Do?

Finding out that you are unexpectedly expecting is hard. The future looks scary, and it is hard to know what next step to take. However, as an adult, you have many different options to choose from. While these options all hold different positive and negative aspects, selecting the right choice for you is important. Learn more about what to do if you find yourself 18 and pregnant.

Share Your Secret

So many teenagers find themselves in this situation and feel like they can’t talk to anyone. They feel alone and scared. The first thing to do when you find yourself pregnant is to tell someone. Tell your partner. Tell your parents. Tell a close friend. 

Choosing what to do from this point forward is a big decision, and it is best to have support. Share your news with anyone in your close circle that is a safe person who will understand. It can be scary to share about your pregnancy, but doing so is the first step to moving forward. 

If you don’t have anyone that you trust, consider visiting a local pregnancy resource center. These resource centers are staffed with caring women who have experience either in your exact position or have been trained to help young women just like you. 

Consider Your Options

While you may feel strongly about a specific option at first, understanding every option available to you is crucial to making the best decision for your future.


Choosing to carry the baby to term and parent this child is one option that you have. While parenting is a big job, it is the best option for many young moms. Parenting a child at the age of 18 is not unheard of, and many young moms find that this is a good choice for their future. Most young parents have a strong support system that can help with childcare and financial stability. Whether you choose to do this alone or with your partner, parenting is one of the choices that you have.


Carrying your pregnancy to term and allowing another person to adopt the child is a brave and courageous choice. Young moms who choose adoption believe that their child’s life has value and want to do everything within their power to make sure that this baby has a chance at life. 

Adoption is an excellent choice for those young moms who know that they don’t want to parent or can’t parent well after the baby is born. You can decide who to choose to parent your child and have everything set up before the baby’s birth. When choosing adoption, make sure to speak with your partner to let him know your plan. Making sure that he agrees with the adoption is key to a smooth transition once the baby is born.


Terminating your pregnancy is another option that you have when finding out that you’re expecting. While every state is slightly different in their laws and regulations regarding abortion, it is a legal option that you can choose. Abortion terminates the pregnancy, but often leaves lasting scars and emotional issues.

No matter what choice you make for your pregnancy, there are people in your community who want to help you along the way. Finding a good support group, no matter your decision is helpful to navigate the questions and emotions regarding your pregnancy. Remember that you are not in this alone and that you do have options when finding yourself 18 and pregnant.