Important Things to Know About Contested Adoptions

While every hopeful adoptive parent hopes that their adoption journey is as smooth as possible, there are instances when an adoption is contested. Going through a contested adoption is not only emotionally draining, but also requires much more patience. When adopting a child in Florida, every adoptive parent should know what a contested adoption is and how to prepare for it.

What Is a Contested Adoption

A contested adoption usually occurs when a birth father doesn’t agree to the adoption. Birth fathers are generally the contesting parent as they aren’t always in contact with the birth mother. Typically, an adoption process has started, and the birth father then objects to the adoption for many various reasons. Sometimes, the birth mother is the contesting parent though.

Adoption Can Still Occur in a Contested Adoption

Part of the adoption process in a contested situation is that the courts get more involved. Usually, the birth parent that is contesting the adoption comes back into the child’s life and states that they now want to parent the child. However, if you find yourself involved in a contested adoption, it doesn’t always mean that the adoption will fail.

Contested Adoptions Prolong the Court Process

When a birth parent challenges an adoption, a family law judge will decide whether or not the birth parent is fit to parent the child. The court process will prolong the adoption in that the judge usually gives the contesting parent time to prove their parenting abilities. This can result in more attorney fees and a lot of patience in waiting for court orders and dates.

Judges May Side With the birth parent in a Contested Adoption

It is important to remember that judges in adoption cases always choose what is best for the child. In a contested adoption case, a judge may decide that the birth parent can parent the child, and the adoption will not proceed. While it can be hard to understand the ruling from an adoptive parent point of view, it is always good to remember that the state of Florida’s priority is to keep birth families together as long as it is safe for the child.

How to Prepare for a Contested Adoption

When wanting to adopt a child or a newborn within the state of Florida, it is essential to always remember that the adoption journey isn’t done until it is finalized. Your relationship with a birthmother may be great, and you may feel that the adoption is a done deal, but it never is truly approved until it is finalized in a court of law. This is one of the hardest parts of the adoption process. Patience and a good dose of reality are essential things to keep hold of during the adoption process.

While it is a scary thought for prospective adoptive parents, contested adoptions do happen. If you find yourself in a contested adoption, it is essential to remember that it is only a stumbling block and not necessarily the end of your adoption journey. Knowing what a contested adoption is, as well as how to prepare for it should it occur, is a vital part of adopting your child.