You’re not alone in facing an unplanned pregnancy or circumstances that make you unable to raise your unborn child. Approximately half of the pregnant women in the US face this situation and consider placing their children up for adoption. Many women realize the need for adoption later in their pregnancies or right after giving birth. If that’s your case, you might wonder, “Can I place my baby for adoption when I am at the hospital?”

The answer is ‘Yes.’ The option of adoption is open for you regardless of how late or early you realize it is the right thing for you and your child. If you have just given birth or are at the hospital and realize that you can’t raise the child, adoption is an option for you!

Thus, there is always time to make an adoption plan for your baby. Let’s discuss this further to get useful insights into this life-changing choice!

Placing Your Baby for Adoption When You’re at the Hospital

If you or someone you love is pregnant, has just given birth, or is at the hospital and has now realized that adoption is the right option for you and your baby, don’t worry. You can opt to place your child for adoption at any time.

Considering an adoption plan for your child has a major lifelong impact. It takes a lot of courage to explore your options and inner strength to figure out what is best for you and your unborn child. First of all, know that you’re not alone. Several specialized services and adoption agencies exist to help and support pregnant women in this process, where expert attorneys specializing exclusively in adoption law assist you throughout the process.

Good News: If you’re in Florida, adoption is even easier since the state laws are very adoption friendly. Plus, you can find some of the best adoption agencies in Florida.

Steps to Place Your Baby for Adoption at the Hospital

Once you’ve made up your mind, here are the steps to follow:

1. Contact an Adoption Agency Immediately

You already carry a set of thoughts, fears, and worries whengiving birth. Once you’ve decided  to place your child for adoption, contact a trusted adoption agency immediately for support. The adoption agency will create a personalized adoption plan for you and help you navigate the process.

Once you contact the agency, your caseworker is the person who will be in contact and support you in understanding the steps ahead. You can expect the following services:

  • An experienced and understanding caseworker will always be available to talk to you and answer your questions during the pregnancy or after the baby is born.
  • Our staff will keep all your information confidential and will not pressure you.
  • Your caseworker will assist you in creating a budget to cover your living expenses costs, including rent, electricity bills, transportation, maternity clothes, and more, during pregnancy and for six weeks after giving birth to help you get back on your feet.
  • Your caseworker will help and advocate for you while you are in the hospital.
  • Finally, your caseworker will support you after your child’s placement. During this period, it is common to feel various emotions, including loss. And if you’d like, they also offer you the opportunity to meet others who have had similar experiences, providing the opportunity to offer mutual support, which we call peer-support. This will give you the confidence and support you need while making such a big decision.

2. Choose Your Baby’s Adoptive Parents

If you make an adoption plan, you can choose who adopts your child. Even if you’re deciding on a last-minute hospital adoption, you can choose the adoptive family for your child.

Your caseworker will watch and listen to you so they can understand which adoptive parent qualities are most important to you and then share profiles of families ready to adopt, all of whom have been thoroughly vetted and are financially stable.

The professional dealing with your case will connect you to the hopeful adoptive family and answer all your questions and concerns. If you’re positive and satisfied, the adoptive parents will immediately travel to the hospital to complete the adoption process.

Before their arrival, you can also ask your caseworker about meeting with the adoptive family in person or interacting with them in general.

3. Sign Consents for Adoption

In Florida, Adoption consents can be signed 48 hours after you deliver your baby or upon discharge from the hospital.  Your caseworker will guide and support you through this process.

4. Adoption is never a forever goodbye to your child!

If you still want to maintain a relationship with your baby, know there’s always some degree of openness. After your hospital adoption, you can stay in touch with the adoptive family and your child through phone calls, photos, or in-person visits, whatever you agree on.

Many parents, unaware of the difference, consider the Safe Haven option for their newborn child, where they can surrender their baby anonymously without worrying about criminal prosecution to hospitals, police stations, emergency centers, or fire stations. However, compared to adoption, it is a less beneficial option for both parents and babies in the long term. Here’s why!

Adoption vs. Safe Haven

  • In adoption, the birth mother can receive counseling before or after the adoption; safe haven does not offer counseling.
  • In adoption, the birth mother can choose the adoptive family and decide on the terms of involvement with their child in the future;  safe haven does not have these options.
  • In adoption, you can receive assistance for pregnancy related expenses; safe haven does not.
  • Adoption is open to many options. The birth mother can place the baby immediately after giving birth at the hospital or any time.

This and many more reasons make adoption a better option for your child.


Every parent can choose adoption at any stage of their pregnancy, during their hospital stay, or after giving birth. In other words, the adoption option is always available. You need to contact a trusted adoption agency for support.

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