I always go into January a buzz of energy.  With the sloth and gluttony of holidays behind me, I enter these first few days of the year all fired up.

One of the reasons that this happens is because social media is plastered with “inspirational” meme’s about “starting again”.  I read these meme’s and am filled with the sense of, “Yes. Yes, I can.”  And then set out to tackle the laundry or my home office.

In an effort to spread this burst of “fresh start hope”, I have compiled my own collection of encouraging meme’s.

I have broken them into three sections: New Beginnings, Wise Words From People Smarter Than Me, and Adoption Specific Encouragement.  I hope this rallies your heart to the possibilities of the new year.  Let’s do this!

New Beginnings

Somehow just seeing the words “Fresh Start” in French seems inspirational.

Wise Words From People Smarter Than Me





(To be fair, Nelson Mandela never saw my air vents…)

Adoption Encouragement


(This is a personal favorite.)

Found on www.etsy.com.

I hope these words of wisdom give you the shot in the arm you need.  Good luck with 2017!

I’m off to go face my air vents… Let’s do this!!!

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