Doing what’s best for their child is every mother’s job. Those not mentally or financially prepared for this huge responsibility often consider placing their baby up for adoption. Whether you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy or have already given birth, an adoption agency and adoptive parents offer you the assistance you need.

Counseling – Adoption Assistance

Adoption counseling should be free of costs for birth parents, free of influence, and free from pressure. The birth mother may want counseling and support to help with this decision. An adoption counselor is made available by the adoption agency for as long as the client needs.

Counseling During Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy brings up a lot of unexpected emotions. Some women feel excited, while others are terrified. The mixture of emotions can go either way because the mother has no idea what she will feel once the baby is in her arms.

The sense of awe and the rush of love for the new life might be coupled with downright panic and anxiety due to the uncertainty ahead. For this reason, birth mothers are advised to explore their emotions and options because their feelings can overwhelm them at the last minute.

The first step to receiving counseling before, during and after the adoption is hiring an adoption agency. The agent assigned to your case will assess your needs and find a therapist. The counselor will explain the pros and cons expectant mothers must navigate during the process. How you feel and what you say will impact your emotional state and lifestyle.

Expecting mothers sometimes don’t want to disclose they are pregnant. Here is where an adoption agency’s support comes in. Since this is a huge step, some mothers don’t want the judgment they get from family members and friends. Some mothers are involved in an unhealthy lifestyle and abusive relationships and might want to speak to a counselor for a brighter future.

The reason adoption agencies in Florida offer multiple support options is that they want the birth mother to make an informed decision. When the stress gets too much, mothers change their decision to abortion, which can sometimes be traumatizing. The purpose of counseling is to ensure mothers are aware of their options.

How Counseling Helps Birth Mother

Navigating the Adoption the Process

Starting your adoption journey is quite a challenge because you don’t know who to trust or turn to for help. There are many obstacles in the adoption process, including deciding on which adoptive family to select, how to transition back into normal life, etc. An adoption agency can help throughout this process and even after.

Expertise and Experience

Every adoption is different, so you need to ensure the adoption agency you select has experience working with all situations. The stronger their background, the better guidance they can offer. Remember: You will face plenty of problems along the way, and tackling them with a professional will give you the ease of mind that you are in good hands.

Better Relationship Between the Adoptive Parent and Birth Mother

An adoption agency can also act as a mediator between the adoptive parent and the birth mother. They are not just professionals easing the process of transferring the baby to the new parents. They also take care of the logistics and eliminate any challenges that might occur during the adoption process.

The adoption process can overwhelm a single mother. If the birth mother already has children, the counselor also helps the little ones make sense of the situation, allowing them to cope with reality.

Private Mentoring

Children often have trouble expressing their emotions. For example, a child knows his mother is about to give birth. The mother hasn’t disclosed to the child that the new baby will be up for adoption. The child keeps thinking he is going to welcome a sister or brother. When the birth mother returns home without a new sibling, the child can be confused. Navigating such emotions can be a minefield.

Not many mothers can handle the emotions experienced by their child alone. This is one reason  having counselor is important.

Lasting Relationships

Sometimes, the birth mother feels guilt after placing the baby up for adoption, thinking they have made a huge mistake. In such situations, it can make it difficult to form a long-term relationship with the adoptive parents.

This can happen when there are unexplored feelings. A good counselor provides the birth mother with a safe space to voice and accept her feelings. The more content they are with their decision, the better they can handle their feelings after the adoption.


Once the baby is born, the birth mother can seek counseling for as long as she wants. Emotions can surface at any time. This is what an adoption counselor is trained to handle.

Different adoption agencies in Florida offer varying adoption assistance.  Including financial help, including temporary residency, and medical bills, the adoption agency offers counselling.

Birth moms who place their child for adoption through Gift of Life Adoptions have counseling available for life. For more information, call 1-800-216-LIFE.