Giving birth is quite the feat, especially for birth mothers who have chosen adoption for their baby. It is quite natural to want to do something special for the birth mother who gave you the best gift in the form of a child! While it may seem that anything you give her doesn’t closely compare with a child, it is a nice gesture to remember the birth mother in all of the excitement. Consider these gifts for mothers who just gave birth to help show your appreciation and love.

Comfortable Clothes

Towards the end of pregnancy and after giving birth, many mothers crave comfort. The mother’s body has changed throughout the pregnancy, and she may not have a lot of comfortable clothes. Consider getting a new mom some comfortable maternity clothes or regular clothes that are a size or two larger than before. Empire waist dresses or soft leggings are also excellent choices for a new mom. If you don’t know her size, consider getting her a gift card to her favorite clothing store to have a little shopping spree.

Favorite Food or Drink

Pregnancy often requires some elimination of foods that the birth mother couldn’t (or shouldn’t) consume. Consider bringing your birth mom her favorite cold cut sandwich, sushi, or even a celebratory alcoholic beverage. Gifting a favorite food or drink could also include anything that she usually loved before pregnancy but couldn’t have due to acid reflux or cravings. You can never go wrong with a sweet treat or fancy dessert as well.

Personal Beauty

Mothers who just gave birth often feel anything but beautiful. However, birth mothers are giving the most beautiful gift in choosing adoption for their baby! Show your birth mother some extra love by getting her a comfortable sleep set or silk robe that she can wear after the birth. Add in her favorite cosmetics or skincare products that could boost her spirits as well. Choosing anything that helps her feel somewhat back to normal can help both physically and mentally.

Birth Photos

Choosing adoption for your child is a huge and lifelong decision that your birth mother didn’t make lightly. Consider hiring a professional photographer to come in after the birth to take some special photos of her and the baby. Not only will she appreciate these photos later on, but your child will also enjoy seeing how loved and adored they were by their birth mother. 

Make sure to clear this with your birth mother beforehand, though, as not all birth moms may want a photoshoot in the hospital. Another option includes doing your own photoshoot within the first week and then gifting your birth mother a photo book of the birth and baby after things settle down.

Special Momentos

Birth mothers may also appreciate a beautiful necklace or personalized bracelet with the baby’s name and birth details. Jewelry is often a wonderful gift that that birth mother may choose to wear every day or on special occasions. Another special momento that makes a good gift is plaster molds of the baby’s handprints or footprints. These special items connect her to the baby even if she isn’t parenting.

When choosing gifts for mothers who just gave birth, it is vital to consider the birth mother’s feelings. Not all moms would want or appreciate a gift, so talk to your adoption agency about what gifts may be the most appropriate. It is also important that gifts aren’t viewed as payment or a bribe, which can be tricky to navigate. Make sure to speak with your adoption agency for guidance. No matter what you choose, make sure that your birth mother feels loved and appreciated before, during, and after the birth.