Gift of Life has been facilitating Florida Adoptions for over twenty years. As a result, the ways we’ve reached and informed our clients have changed vastly over the years. From newspaper and yellow pages to google and twitter.

So, recently we decided to do a little cyber renovations.

Every house eventually needs some renovations.

There comes a day when those pink cabinets, that were so beachy and fun fifteen years ago, just look like a plight on the clean bright kitchen you long for. The rug starts to wear down. The paint has begun to yellow. And, do to all the pictures you have hung and rehung, the walls begins to look like Swiss cheese. And, all the sudden, you live in a Swiss cheese house with a bubble gum kitchen. So, you decide it’s time to make a change.

I love the shows on HGTV where they buy a fixer upper, gut it, and make something custom and new.

My favorite part of those shows is at the beginning where the couple sits down with the designer twins/married couple/competitors/ex rapper. They all sit in front of a lap top, and the designer shows a computer generated image of what the house will look like. The designer shows the couple their “vision” and we get to see the whole process right up to the beautiful reveal.

Well, when we looked at our old website, we saw a vision for what it could be.

Now, you didn’t get to see the painstaking weeks of renovation, but you do get to see the beautiful reveal!!

Welcome to our new site!

First, We cleaned up some of the clutter and tried to make things bright and streamlined.  Then we made it easier than ever to navigate to the informationthat will best assist your needs. It’s easier to find our blogs and testimonials.

Also, we will be adding new content, images, and blogs all the time, to make sure our site is always full with up to date adoption info and helpful tips.

As always, Gift of Life is trying to stay at the forefront of technology, reaching our clients in bold new exciting ways. This website is the next step!

I could tell you more about it or you could just take a look around for yourself! So, happy clicking!

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