When faced with an unplanned pregnancy there are a number of thoughts that will run through your head. How will I financially care for my baby? Am I ready to be a parent? Are there things I want to accomplish before I have a baby? These questions are the tip of the iceberg, but what reflections should you have if you are considering adoption? Hopefully this article will give you some insight as to some of the items you should remember when deciding to parent or place for adoption.

It’s never too late to make an adoption plan for your baby. Over the years I have found that this is one of the biggest concerns for birth mothers. Some mothers need more time than others, and that is perfectly okay. It is a difficult and challenging decision to make to place your baby for adoption. Whether you come to the conclusion that you want to place for adoption in the first trimester, or you wait until you deliver your baby. It is never a bad time to decide what you feel is best for you and your baby.

Take the time to educate yourself on what adoption is. There is a lot of stigma around what adoption is and isn’t. Some people may think that adoption is where you go into hiding and have your baby in an undisclosed location away from your family and friends. In reality, adoption is more common than you may think. Your adoption plan is yours to tailor to what your personal and emotional needs are. You get to decide who will be there to support you during your pregnancy and afterwards, as well as have the opportunity to select and meet the family that will adopt your baby. You can also receive picture and letter updates of your child as they grow up if you wish. There are a number of other things that you get to decide in your adoption plan, so feel free to call and ask us about any of the details. You can also take a look at our services here to get a better feel of what is available to you.

You are not alone. There will be women after you that will be faced with this the same question, and there have been women before you that have decided to place a baby for adoption, or they have decided to parent after considering all of their options. Either way you decide, we want you to feel supported and comfortable in your decision. Gift of Life Adoptions has birth mothers who have placed for adoption who would be happy to speak to you if you would like to talk to someone who has been in your shoes. We also have counselors available to you if you so need it to process your decision.

We hope this gives you a jumping point in your adoption journey. Whether adoption is right for you or not, we hope that you are at peace with your decision, because nothing is more important than feeling confident in yourself.

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